Bash and Dash


I approached the G’ulf Coast Sports commissioners office on wobbly legs. My last trip to the “principal’s office” left me uncomfortable. The commissioner Mistress Thorn had said it was Longthorns business and overall performance. It was the “overall performance” that had me shook. While the Longthorns had handily won their last game, I had managed another loss for the Longthorns sister franchise in another league. After that team’s previous loss there was a mention of Goblin Gambling Enforcers talking to me privately if the trend continued. As I reached the office her secretary looked up and smiled, “Mistress is waiting on you go right in.” I felt my sea legs come under me. I entered the office.

Mistress greeted me with a great big witch elf smile. “I saw the Longthorns last game coach, great job. Bloody actually called and went on and on about all the bone crunching action. I wish I was still on the pitch with the Longthorns.” For a moment she drifted away from our conversation. Her eyes glazed over and she remembered the pitch. Then she was back, “Coach, I hate to see the Longthorns back in the CL after there time in the Pros. I am happy that our talk about their sister team has rubbed off on Longthorn coaching. I don’t know what your feeding them but those aren’t elves anymore. I hear you’re finally calling up Valeyard for next season. I see he has one or 2 teammates waiting in the wings that are also over achievers.” A lustful look passed over her face before she continues, “Keep coaching all your teams like you did this last game, Bash and Dash, and we won’t have anymore awkward conversations. Great job coach. I expect playoffs next season.” Her smile went ice cold before she continued, “Nothing less.”


  1. Valeyard!!! – I remember that guy! He’s done the rounds! Used to play in one of my farm teams! 😀

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