BB for Dummies: a Dark Elf Skills Dictionnary

As MML is getting more and more observed by fans, here is a little tool for them to better understand THE game: a skills dictionnary, with a dark elf vision of it.

Sprint: the only thing to do when a Minotaur’s running to you.

Sure feet: being able to keep cool when a Minotaur’s running to you.

Frenzy: skill developped by witches during sales, that can be usefull on a pitch too, finally. Its origins explain why other players don’t use it very often.

Mighty blow: the best way to give your team a… new look, and the main reason why you keep paying all those substitutes.

Tackle: shouldn’t exist, like AIDS, Earthquakes, Islamic State and skinks.

Diving tackle: “Boom” (just hearing this word the coach fainted)

Leap: our favorite way to humiliate dark orcs

Pass block: oh you know, our opponents don’t need that to intercept us, but thanks for proposal.

Safe Throw: our great hope for future wins.

Strip ball: lovely skill that we use to… strip the ball, but not only. We are pretty sure that after seeing many strips, witches will get used to it and will finally strip something else than the ball.

Kick Off Return: a funny dwarf tradition.

Dirty player: Chasejj skill achievement

Fend: used to avoid contact. We don’t use it that much in game, but witches use it all the time with other teammates, especially in shower.

Dauntless: Dark elf russian roulette

Sidestep: other very used skill by witches to counter teammates’ dinner invites.

Jump up: the way witches get up of their chair when waiter brings the bill after a dinner with a teammate.

Dump off: “It’s not me, it’s him you must crush!!”

Thick skull: could be helpfull for us… But at least, we are beautifull. Fragile, but beautyfull.

Strong arm: even with strong in the tittle, it only concerns pass… don’t try something stupid with it so.

guard: sometimes, a player tries to help his mate rather than running. We actually still don’t know the real effect of that skill, as no player trying to help instead of fleeing ever came back to tell us how it worked.

Nerves of Steel: coach first skill to have when a chaos game begin. Oh and yeah, it also can help for pass, in a second way.

We hope this dictionnary we help you enjoy even more dark elves game. See you soon for another BB for Dummies!