BCPH: S12 Postseason Part 3

The season comes down to two teams.  The finals was set. On one side is the Earthshacker Cannons.  The Cannons come into the finals as and undefeated Chaos Dwarf teams.  They come equipped with talented bulls and dangerous blockers.  The other side is the Bill COWher Power Hour.  The Power Hour come into the finals a Chaos with one loss to a young Necro team long ago in week 1.  They enter with a swarm of Claws and Tails.


The field is set for a violent final game.  The crowd fill the stadium and the teams take the field.


Post Script: The game was exciting came to a thrilling conclusion.  I would like that thank Evuccifer for a great game.  I would also like to thank the fans for supporting the team thru all the season.  We will see you next season in the Iron League.

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