BCPH: SXIII Playoffs Round 1

The locker rooms mostly empty as the playoff schedule was uncertain.  The apothecary treated the injured player one at a time.  Markers Mark let the Apos room and took a seat at his locker.  The Apo pops his head out of the door and waves in Mind Eraser in to be inspected next.  Eraser holds his hand as he stands up to see the Apo.

“He isn’t gonna be able to play with that hand all smashed up like that.”

Salty Chihuahua says as he looks over to Makers as he sits down at the locker next to him.

“I mean it sucks I heard he showed up last season for the playoffs.  Wait, maybe I’m this seasons Mind Eraser.”

He looks back to Makers Mark to make sure he is still listening.

“You know… Cause I’m the new guy.  I mean I’ve got 2 games under my belt so I’m so ready for this.  I mean I SOOO Punched a Dark Elf in my first game.  Did you see when I did that?”

He waits for Mark to respond…. after an uncomfortable moment Mark shrugs.

“Yeah, you might have missed it.  I mean it gets crazy out there.  But, I mean I punch that elf good.  He got right back up… but, I totally blocked him down.  Wonder who we will play?  If Mind can’t play I might get to start.  Man… I might get to start in my first playoff game.  If we play elves again maybe you can watch me punch another elf.  Nah, I don’t think they let elves play in this playoffs.  They just win too much when we let them in.  But, I’d punch a RAT!!! Or a skeleton.  Does it hurt when you punch them?”

Mark looks back with a blank face and shrugs again.

“I’m a beastman so if it hurts I’m not gonna let it show.  OH, I could ram them with my horns instead.  I might even break them if I did that!  I seem the other guys do that a few times.”

Salty looks up as a group of human cheerleaders walk thru to the coaches office.

“That normal?  I mean does he coach them too?  That would be funny… could you see the coach all dressed up dancing with pom poms?  That would be funny.  Am I right.”

Mark looks again blank face and nods yes.

“Yeah, that’s funny.  But, like I was saying.  I could punch a bunch of guys.  I just need my chance.  I’d punch Norse.  I’d punch HUmans and Bretts.  I bet they are both easy to hit.  Yeah, I could do all that.  I mean I’m a starter now.  I gotta do these things.  Yeah, I’m gonna do it.  I’m gonna punch stuff like the other guys.”

The group of cheerleaders slowly walk out.  They look sad and some are even to the point of tears.

Coach More_Shots leave the room shortly after the platoon of cheerleaders.  He pokes his head into the Apo room, then continues over to Salty.

“Hey Salty, Minds hand is a mess.  He is gonna have to sit out this week so you are in.”

Salty Chihuahua’s face lights up with joy, “I’ll to you proud coach.  I was just talking with Makers Mark about it and we both know I’m ready.”

A confused look comes over More_Shots face… “Did Mark say that?  Cause you know that none of the Warriors here are able to actually talk.  So, I find it difficult to believe that the first thing he decides to say in his entire life is that you are ready.”

“Well, I guess he didn’t say it… But, he didn’t say that I was NOT ready either.” Salty responds

Unimpressed the coach plainly says, “I just fired the Human cheerleaders.  Everyone needs to step up their game.  The Orc Ladies will be here tomorrow.  I hope you are ready… Cause you can find yourself either dead or on the street looking for a job if you aren’t.”

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