Beerz and the 6

This post is part of the series Sinister 6

The season 8 was growing close. Coach Beerz sat in his tent looking over the teams he will face in the up coming season. As he went over the rosters of the teams he noticed a letter sealed with the words SINISTER 6 on it. Confused at to what this was he opened it. Inside was an address and a time. He thought what was this about, where did it come from. He set aside and went on with his scouting.

The next day Beerz awoke and returned to the Misfits training camp. As he walked in guard stopped him. There’s a letter that came for you. Not sure where it came from. Beerz walked down the hall and open a door to his room. On the table was a letter again with the words SINISTER 6 on it. He looked around wondering what was going on. He grabbed the letter and opened it. Again it said the same just the time and place. The marshes of madness, 8pm tomorrow

Beerz thought what the hell. He walked out of his room and went to the field. Ullow was on the side line sharping his claws. Ullow I have to go away for a few days. Watch over things for me would yeah. Ullow nodded and Beerz set off.

Beerz traveled all day and night to get to the marshes of madness. It was getting late at night when Beerz stopped in the middle of the marshes wondering what the hell was he looking for. A noise caught his ears from behind him. He spun around and there stood a big troll. Beerz ready himself for a fight. The troll looked a the gimpy beastmen and laughed. Easy beastmen you no in danger. Boss man says to come with me. Beerz looked at the Troll confessed and shocked. The troll started to walk toward and mound in the middle of an opening. He followed the troll to a door. Boss is waiting inside. The troll opened the door and walked away in the detection in which they came from. Beerz entered the mound and walk down the stairs. At the bottom was a door on it a sign SINISTER 6. Finally the answers would come. Beerz opened the door and walked in.

On the walls we’re team rosters, pictures of top MML players. In the middle of the room was a long table with 6 crystal balls on it. At the head of the table was coach Stompa. Get in ere Beerz da other gits will be ere soon. Beerz looked at the big Orc coach and slowly approached a seat…….

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