Bill COWher End of Season Press Conference

(Bill COWher walks to the mic and guestures for a question)
Young Reporter: Will you return to the blood bowl pitch as the BCPH minotaur?

BC: I’ve toyed with the idea many a times. Currently the team isn’t able to afford my exuberant salary demands. Also, many of the former rivals have moved on to the farm. I’ve been staying in shape with exhibition and farm games from time to time but, do not have a return tour planned at this point.

Dark Elf Reporter: How much bonus money was paid to the team for reaching the final of the MML?

BC: The playoffs did help infuse the teams coffers with some gold. Unfortunately our coach spent much of the gold we had going in on a cash wizard in the opening game of the playoffs. The team is dangerously close to the Pro cap and We are forced to sell Odell BechRAM Jr. to even have a hope to return next season.
Skink Reporter: Are the BCPH involved in any of the assaults on other coaches? This seems to have been brushed over in the last press conference and the public demands a firm answer either way? If it the case that BCPH and More_Shots can’t give a definitive answer, will they hold a full and open investigation?

BC: The team nor any of its active players or coaches have been formally charged with any assaults at this time. We will not investigate these allegations as we feel that is the issue of the other teams and does not involve the BCPH.

Skink Reporter: Is the rumors that More_Shots may be leaving the team true, or just that? – A scurrilous rumor?

BC: More_Shots was not coaching the team in a manner that they had been put together for. I gave him a natural born killer like Knob Creek and he turns him into a bunny rabbit. The league makes fun of him now. IF he would have coached them right we would have won the title! The team bashed thru the Leaping Lizards and the Necro Feel-Ya. But, he can’t seem to beat up some pretty high elves. It was embarrassing. The coach claims that he needed more players with scoring talents. I feel the team needs more KILLERS! So, now that we have cap issues we can’t get neither. We will sell BeckRAM and bring in a young replacement player. I want my title and More_Shots wants his style players. If he signs this new contract he will get control over player selection. But, will not be allowed to change teams till he delivers me my championship.

(Motions for More_Shots to come to the stage)

(Bill COWher hands More_Shots a contract and a pen)
Shots: I will return to the Power Hour with hopes to continued success. I had contacted a few teams and even worked out some contract details with a few. Also, contacted a bank to see if I would be able to get a loan to start up a new chaos team in the Challenge League. At the end of the day the fans made it clear that I needed to do what I could to finish this thing out with the Power Hour. I will honor the contracts that have been signed with our current roster. But, I have plans to make adjustments moving forward to mold this team more into the style and image that I had planned when I started this journey back in Season 2.

Dark Elf Reporter: What was your favorite game as coach of BCPH?

Shots: The first game. The players had no talent or skills… we failed at some many different things. But, somehow with a lot of luck we found a way to win. It was the first win. Everything was innocent and fun back then. That is why it was so special.

Hez pretending to be a Reporter: You promised your round 2 opponents you would beat the Elves. Why do you hate me?

Shots: They are the champs and they earned it. Was a good fight and we came up short. But, that being said Necro Feel Ya didn’t beat them either.

Skink Reporter: How do you evaluate Knob Creek’s performance this season? He has always been held as one of the major stars of the team, if not the star. Is it that he has put in a solid season and has just been eclipsed by the team’s tremendous season so far.

Shots: A lot of coaches like to follow stats and trends and data. I like to be aware of these things but, in no way do I measure my players by them. Knob Creek is a special player and he has played many different roles on the team. We have many players that operate in that manner. If a player is only able to do one thing then they most likely will not be on this team long. I expect everyone to do their share here and we will win and lose as a team.

Skink Reporter: Having achieved the final of the MML, do you believe that they have what it takes to actually win the title in the future seasons? – Or was this a flash in the pan?

Shots: I think the team is talented and can win a title. I think the skill level of the teams and coaches will make it very difficult to do that. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in this team and it’s players. The team has high exceptions of me and I have high expectations for this team.
(Signs contract and hands it back to Bill COWher)

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  1. Nice! – So I recognise the skink reporter. I am guessing that Gerd was the dark elf reporter? 😀 – I am glad the BCPH are staying and Shots is staying at the helm. 😉

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