Bill COWher Power Hour Press Release

6-21-16 Press Release

This off-season the Power Hour had many difficult decisions to make.  The team has been playing at a high level for several games and this has taken a toll on a few players.  As we at the Power Hour look forward to season 4 we had conversations with both Michael StrayRAM and MarSHEEP Faulk.  We had concerns with if they would be able to last another season.  Both players acknowledged that they have been playing with lasting injuries.  They will continue to be on the roster until such a day when they are not longer able to protect themselves and the other team members on the field.  On the topic of protecting team members we have also made a move to help protect Knob Creek in season 4.  After the bounty was leveled on Knob, many coaches targeted him on and off the field.  Knob has been singled out by Blitzers and Wizards alike.  In response we have added Makers Mark to our front line.  Mark will be working side by side with Knob they will both protect each other on the field and torment our opponents.  Sadly, to accommodate the addition of Mark we had to move Jim Beam from the field to our farm coaching staff.  Season 4 brings many new challenges for the Power Hour.  We will get our first chance to play against Norse and we will also get our chance to face season 2’s top Chaos team (Innsmouth Deep Ones).  Also, we will be facing the Pro CHAMPS (Wrecking Kru), the Challenge CHAMPS (Stop Rolling Ones!!!) and the PRO runner ups (Skuttle Butts).  The Power Hour look forward to these challenges and we will continue to bring our fans the quality entertainment that they have come to expect from us.  We look forward to seeing you all in the new season.