Bill COWher Warns Mauz

[The hulking Minotaur stomps up the podium]

Today is a dark day in the MML.  Off field squabbles have spilled onto the field and disrupted a game in progress.  The Celebrity Reptiles and My Power Hour approached halftime in a game that was shaping up to be a slugfest.  The fans had been whipped into a frenzy from all the hitting both teams had done.  A Chaos Warrior had scored a TD and the Lizards started dishing out violent hits in return.  That’s is when it happened.  The stadium went dark.  All power was cut from the building.

A quick search of the building found that the main power transformer for the stadium had been tampered with and lead to a cascading power surge that knocked out power and damaged the back up generator.  The Slaughter House security staff found several cartons of MauzQuick and other Brandy Creamery products in the area that had been attacked.  88751765This act of industrial espionage will not go unavenged.  If Mauz does not stop this harassment of my franchise I will be forced to take unpleasant measures to assure that those rats no longer cause any more issues.  The Slaughter House will no longer allow the Skaven race to come to games.  We are installing guard towers for our newly hired snipers.  They have been ordered to shoot to kill any rat that approaches our stadium.

I would like to take this moment to apologize to the Celebrity Reptiles and their coach Stimee for the interruption in the game and thank them for agreeing to replay the game later this week.  The game is tentative to be played  on Thursday.  As for Mauz.  I will not repeat myself again, stop this harassment of my franchise… OR ELSE!