Bitter Triumph: Origins

At Xanadu is a Blood Bowl team consisting of hollow victories.
The Khemri there have achieved wealth beyond imagining and a life of endless rest.
Rarely do they venture forth from neath their pleasure dome, wherein they’ve mastered the game they chose so long ago.
Recently they drew greater attention from the sport as they meddled in the affairs of InGen, gathering a tidy fortune in the process.
There have been scouts aplenty from many teams attempting to lure their stars into the greatest league of all, the MML.
When one such star accepted an offer, it came as a surprise to his comrades. As he departed for his new future with chaseJJ and ‘When Fighting Monsters…’ he took a moment at the edge of the dome to turn and address his old, old friends…

“So long ago I can’t recall. So long that even the stars have flickered on and off, and many creatures lived and died. When I took the oath we all took. To dine on honeydew and drink the milk of paradise unending. That day seemed an inspiration, the fulfilment of every wish. From then until now I still have died. So slow it has been that it was impossible to witness. A loss of recollection, the loss of recollections from lives before. Overrun by campaigns of despair. Now all I am is a monument to regret. A signpost pointing backwards in time to a joy of life long forgotten and ever since unattainable. I stand here victorious not over death, but merely the defeater of a satisfying ending. It has been, a Bitter Triumph.”

He turned and left the dome at Xanadu, a gentle ripple spreading through it as he ventured on into the Pros…

(Bitter Triumph was purchased by coach ChaseJJ for 210,000gc at the end of season 11 and will be playing for When fighting monsters in season 12)

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