Black Magic meets Berzo “The dice roller”

Rmac’s off season was grueling as his trainer, Serif the Cruel put him through the paces to complete his Necromantic training as promised by the hooded figure. He would need more time, but his improvement was coming along ahead of schedule and he sensed even his trainer was impressed on occasion. Rmac was determined to learn as much as he could to help his team in the upcoming season. In addition to his training Rmac had ventured to the blighted skaven land to seek out the infamous Berzo “the dice roller”. Rmac had hoped he could still find the legendary coach as he had just announced his retirement disbanded his Crackers and Cheese team. After many nights and a lot of skaven cheese he finally hit on a lead that Berzo was departing in the morning with a caravan headed to Altdorf where he planned to rest in luxurious comforts with all his riches from his years of successful coaching.

The next morning Rmac bribed one of the guards to point out which wagon was Berzo’s. He pointed to a lavish gold and silver wagon twice as big as anything else in caravan. When Rmac entered he saw the legendary coach sprawled on a mountain of pillows with three of the most beautiful women he had ever seen around him. One was feeding him grapes while another poured his wine and the third stood above fanning him. Berzo welcomed him in saying “ahh my good man come in have you brought the pastries”. Rmac replied “no I have no pastries, I am a blood bowl coach and I have come for your help”. Berzo scoffed, “you don’t look like much of a coach. Do yourself a favor and try not to stay as long as I did you will go mad just as I have”, and he let out a condescending laugh. “I am retired and I’m staying that way, I am not interested in helping anyone anymore go away”. Berzo turned away and started to walk towards his private room in the back of the wagon when Rmac exclaimed, “I need a player you have locked in the tombs from when you coached Necromantic teams”. “His name is Pitbull and I have the gold necessary right here”. Rmac jingled the sack of gold he had brought. “One last donation to your retirement fund”. Berzo paused then turned back, approached Rmac and grabbed the sack. “Pitbull you say, hmmmm I seem to remember him being exceptionally strong for a Golem, perhaps my strongest”. Berzo pondered the thought then said, “very well I have no further use for him, but I do have plenty of uses for this gold he is yours”. With that Berzo signed over the rights to Pitbull and Rmac departed having gotten the player he wanted with no help from the hooded figure. Rmac was eager to return to the training ground as Vorgen had recruited a new ghoul, Presto. Their mysterious benefactor had never met him and had no knowledge that he was a member of the team. So, for his first duty, Vorgen gave him the task of following the hooded figure to learn who he truly was and who he was working for. Rmac need all the information he could get on the hooded figure if he was to find a way remove him from the teams future. Now began the long journey home, but first a stop at the Berzo team tomb to pick up his newest team member, then on to their third season in the Pro ranks.

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