Blades blunted on Titans

In the cabalvised game on Wednesday night, the Darkmoon Blades took on the Green Tide Titans in their first game of Season 2. The visitors from the Death Valley Conference were obviously still befuddled from the long squig journey from Da Stoop. The first play of the game began briskly with the Blades breaking down the right flank with pumped up blitzer, Massively making immediate inroads against unfortunate lineman Rukker Two-mee who was knocked down a staggering 10 times in the game! The dark elves forced themselves into a position in range of the red zone but open to a blitz gambling on their runner to be able to dump the ball off successfully. This time round however the die were againt them, the ball fumbled into open play whilst the Titans closed in. After some scrappy play the ball popped out again and one of Blades linemen managed to scoop it up and carry it within inches of the end zone. Titans had one player in range to blitz, but the odds were against it as he had to dodge out of a tackle and then run right past one of the Blades players. With this in mind the Titans coach urged his players to take their spite out on the remaining Blades players first and then go for broke.

Typically no injuries were forthcoming and then the blitz came off… however now there were no Orcs in range to prevent the knocked down lineman from simply picking the ball up and making an easy TD for the dark elves. 1-0

The rest of the half was a cagey affair as the teams jockeyed for position but the Blades managed to prevent a serious incursion into their half so the score remained 1-0 at half time.

The second half began poorly for Titans, rolling the feared double double skulls. However they managed to make inroads shortly after sending 2 dark elves to the injury bin. There then followed a pretty generic Orc grind down the field which left a lot of elves turf inspecting. In the 15th phase of play the Orcs were within striking distance and their passing game which hadn’t let them down all game again paid dividends as blitzer Rippah Ward received the ball from Robshank and crossed for the TD. 1-1.

This was a match for the purists and petered out to a frankly uninspiring 1-1 draw. Both coaches were not able to be found for a while after as they had absconded to the local Buggmans to waffle on, whilst their teams left without them.Dark-elf-logo