Blitz to the future: Blitzkriegers vs Ripping Windowbrakers

It’s been a while, since season 4, that Sunty hasn’t ask his mystical witch to magically foreseen his next game. But this is the return of Thunden’s confrontation, for special events, special settings! Here is what the witch narrated him.

As every Blitzkriegers fans still await a victory from Stunty over Thunden in an official game, the stadium is full; even and a few former team members are among the crowd: Witch Better Have My Money, Xiaoyan and of course Gaesmal (who even took his gipsy’s cousin ashes with him) came to support their former team… Or not.

B T1: Blitzkriegers win the toss, and while the ball is being kicked, Gaesmal -as any good elf supporter should do- throw a rock on… Lildhil. The star is out, Xiaoyan punches her neighbor.

The other teammates run through the field, Umbean picks up the ball and runs backward to protect himse … to protect the ball of course.

WW T1: Two goats start a conversation about the best milk for cheese, the beast tries to give its point of view but thinking about it too hard, it forgets about the game. Nothing else happens; well, two elf linemen are taken out by those nasty Nurgles, but as it is business as usual, not sure it worth to mention it.

B T2: Umbean moves forward, attempt a pass to Banlaen in scoring position, a chaos warrior intercepts the ball.

WW T2: A goat pushes Road Runner right on the sideline, Gaesmal arrives and pull the player out of the field. KO. On the other side of the Preach -sorry- pitch, Nurgles cage the ball. Xiaoyan punches another neighbor.

B T3: The elves run away from their opponents in disorder – sorry the elves set up a very efficient defense. Sub Urban piles a pestigor on, just to remind Lildhil that Blood Bowl is a viril game. Useless (not the piling on, the intention of persuading Lildhil about virility).

WW T3: the cage is almost in scoring position, but Thunden is overconfident and orders a pass. In that very moment Gaesmal decides to honor his cousin’s memory, opens the box and the ashes are blown by the wind in the thrower’s eyes. The ball goes out of the pitch, and Witch Better Have My Money throw it on the opposite side, where Sub Urban was simply awaiting to kick again that pestigor.

B T4: Unexpected TD for Blitzkriegers!! Xiaoyan punches a neighbor.

WW T4/5: As the ball is kicked, A riot starts: Xiaoyan had launched a general brawl on last TD’s punch. This is actually turn 5! The ball is well caged by Nurgles, Another elf lino is out.

B T6: Banlaen feels heroic as usual, leaps into the cage, block the ball carrier, get koed. Business as usual.

WW T6: the cage moves forward, and Nurgles appreciate the support of their fans: never seen so many “hashtag 4HOUSEMAIDS” pictures!

B T7: elves try a desperate defense right in front of their scoring line. Sub Urban piles on a Nurgle. Business as usual.

WW T7: screwed by his first pass, Thunden orders another pass “because we’ll show those elves we can do it too”. Umbean moves sneakily and intercepts the ball.

B T8: Umbean passes to Sub Urban, who had remained near his opponent on the opposite side of the pitch to kick him; unexpected TD for Blitzkriegers! Xiaoyan punches Gaesmal, to make sure not to start another riot.

WW T8: three elves out. The beast, which didn’t block, starts an amazing philosophical conversation with a pestigor, who agrees but still think that goat cheese is the best.

WW T9: Only one elf out, looks like their getting exhausted. Ball is caged.

B T9: the 5 elves on the pitch starts a game to decide who will try something. Brave Mildred loses it, tries something, injured.

WW T10: Thunden, reminding that he never lost against Stunty in pros, orders the team to score. The beast starts crying, saying this is totally unfair it’s never the one that scores. 2-1. Gaesmal cheers.

B T10/11: Another riot, as a Nurgle fan thought Gaesmal was kidding about Windowbrakers; again, this is turn 11. Umbean picks up the ball, the few elves still on the pitch run away… sorry run in scoring position.

WW T12: Guys are pushing hard to put pressure on Umbean. The beast wonders how life would be if it was the best scorer of its team, but still remains focused.

B T13: Umbean moves forward, attempt a bomb, the beast intercepts.

WW T 14: After a look at Thunden meaning “you see??? I can do it”, the beast moves forward, well decided to score.

B T14: this time, this is Umbean who lost the game and tries something. Nothing bad happens, Stunty takes a big breath.

WW T15: Thunden shouts at the beast to hand off the ball, but there’s no way it’ll miss an occasion to score. It moves forward in scoring position, well caged by its teammates.

B T16: Sub Urban tries something, injured.

WW T16: The beast scores!! Once again, Stunty won’t beat Thunden in pros… See you next year pal!






  1. If the game is anything as epic as this write up the Windowbreakers coach will be thrilled!!!!
    We’re going to kill Suburban however.

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