Blitzkriegers become talkative

As Season 4 started, Coach Stuntie exceptionnaly offered a press conference so everybody knows where the blitzkriegers are and where they aim to be.

“Coach, what’s your felling about last season performance?

  • I guess we fulfilled our goal, that was – and will always be – to provide an entertaining show to all BB lovers. We had great victories, tied game with sweat and fear till the last round and of course, a loss with an epic scenario as we were leading 2-0 and finally lost 3-2,being for the fourth time in the season intercepted this time by… A Saurus. Yes, Now we are aware that Saurus can use their hands for anything else than beating skulls. I have to say that wasn’t obvious for us before.
  • Thanks Coach, so what can we expect from Blitzkriegers this season?
  • First of all, as you probably already understood, entertainement will still be our major ambition. No cage allowed with us!!! You’re welcome, it’s natural for us to give our supporters wins, pleasure, emotions and violence! Then we’ve been working on how to pass a ball without having an opponent on the way. and I have to say that we… Well we worked a lot on that ok?
  • Nice coach; but besides your interception problems, Death Valley looks much more experienced and vicious than next year with -among other great teams – Leaping Lizzards and Wrecking Kru joining?
  • Indeed;our first reaction was to be scared. But as we never are, we found another reaction. Finallly, we see in it many positive signs. First: Only one team will go out, so Death Valley winner will get rid of serious challengers for the play offs. Then, we can be sure to remain concentrated when (if we play them of course) play offs arrive as every single game will be important ; last year, there maybe has been unconsciously a loss of concentration with our two last games having no real stake. But most of all, competing with such great teams is amazing in term of show and of course, popularity!! Finally, there’s no where else than Death Valley for us to fully enjoy Season 4!!!
  • There has been no move among the players this inter-season; was it wanted?
  • Actually, we could’nt find any player to buy so we decided to go again with the same players, that mosltly gave entiere satisafaction last year. But even if we had found someone, not sure we would have buy him anyway; we want players to share our game philosophy, and nothing like making them growing inside the club to manage that.
  • Any other news that can be expected from Blitzkriegers?
  • We’ll probalby recruit another witch if hospital remains quite empty during the season, which is not sure at all. We love their play but having 7 in armor in such a league could be dramatical, so it’s not sure yet. Other news compared to last year: this time, we win! Blitz, Blitz, Blitz!!!