Blood In The Snow

The locker room door swung open coach Brun Kurneg brushed the snow from his shoulders and surveyed the scene, the body of Fritz Munzer lay in the corner his battered helmet lay on his chest, the players who weren’t getting treatment from the apothecary, sat heads bowed and stared blankly at floor which was covered in blood and snow.

Brun took a deep breath and spat on the floor trying to get the foul taste of Nurgle from his mouth, “Hey… Hey heads up and listen to that” the players reluctantly lifted their heads and listened they could here from the stadium “Hornets! Hornets! Hornets!” . Brun stared at his players one by one “Listen to that, they love you cos you never gave up.”  “And Fritz never gave up” the players looked over to where the catchers body lay. Captain Siggi Gauss got to his feet “Dead right we won’t give up” he snatched the Rotten and Rolled team sheet from the tactics board neatly folded it and placed it in his pocket. Brun looked at his captain “good man, when we get to the top and we will get to the top you will remember this day as the day we realised what it takes to get there”. The players nodded and then huddled in the centre of the locker room and yelled “We Go Again!”

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