Bloodweiser Bowl: Can’t hit what you can’t see.

Dear MML,

This weekend in the Bloodweiser Bowl the Power Hour faced a extremely agile foe. Equipped with tackle and tail we felt as if we had a solid opportunity to win against a team that many had failed to defeat. What we did not know is that the league would allow them to use an invisibility potion.

The Blitzkeigers scored a quick touchdown after receiving the ball to open the game. The Power Hour received the ball and quickly formed a solid cage. The dark elves then pulled out their secret weapon. Banlaen their AG5 Leap Blitzer took the potion and vanished from sight. Next the ball carrier was pushed by an empty spot. In a panic the beastmen and chaos warriors started swinging wildly to try and hit the invisible elf. But, not knowing where he was they only managed to force him back out of the cage. The very next turn the ball carrier was again pushed from an unseen force. after much effort the ball was unlogged and ended up on the ground. A few turns later the ball disappeared. Yes, the ball disappeared! How are our players expected to play when they can’t even see the ball! The next thing we know the ball reappears in the hands of Lildhil. He then scampers off for a TD.

We then did the only thing that we could do. We spent the rest of the game dealing out as much damage as possible. We fouled and smashed and surfed! The Blitzkreigers better enjoy this one, cause the invisible elf trick isn’t going to work on us again!

Invisible Elf at link below!


  1. My hat is off to you. I would have cried and cried until the game was reset. But it sure did make for a great story! Those darn dark elves.

  2. Hey looks like Gaesmal used a vicious trick again, but this time it worked!!! Lol
    Sorry about that, I didn’t understand how it’s been decisive, I only thought it happened in second half and just prevented you from fouling him lol. I didn’t understand how it broke your game as the elf was clear on my screen, and of course (also to any of whom it may concern in the future) I would have agreed to replay that game if I had known (to me, it’s not my players but my psn messages that are quite invisibles those days so I couldn’t see what you told me right after the game, only the few first words with the msg alarm). Can even still replay it during the week if you’re up to, even if I lost two players; The Blitzkriegers don’t like their victories to be said stolen!!

  3. No need to replay. It was a fun game and the invisible player just added to it. We will meet again next seaso and, this will just make that game more interesting.

  4. Wow just when you think you’ve seen every trick Stunt has, he takes it to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

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