Bloodweiser Bowl Replay

On 3-14-16 the Bloodweiser Bowl was played.  Do to out of town family matters coach More_Shots had the game moved to the beginning of the week.  Due to this move many fans missed the game.  When asked for comments after the game the coach was confrontational and answered all questions with the same response.  Simply repeating “We are on to Season 3.”  It’s unclear what had the coach in such a foul mood.  Perhaps some clues may be found in the game replay.  One thing we know is that he wont be able to dodge these questions in his preseason presser for next year.

GM and Owner Bill COWher commented after the game.

“I haven’t seen a game played so violently in years.  Both teams looked for every opportunity to maim, injure, foul or even kill a player.  IT WAS GREAT!  It really got my blood flowing.  Not sure why anyone took the time to score… with all that hitting going on.  Both teams fought hard and really kicked off the bowl week with a BANG!” Bill COWher