Blooming Red Roses

This post is part of the series Red Rose Chronicles

Twickenham Stadium… sometime before afternoon tea…

Around a smoke filled boardroom complete with sturdy mahogany desk, sat a group of old white haired humans… puffing away on cigars reminiscing about past glories. This was until the door slammed open revealing a portly but tall figure. In walked William Bowmont, flanked by the imposing shape of Big Jonno (he of the Ogre variety), and he was not a happy man.

“The time has come for you Old Farts to deliver. For years now we’ve had to watch these half arsed teams in the MML from far flung reaches competing and doing well in our tournament. Everyone knows that this here… this here was the home of Blood Bowl… where it all started, in glorious Albion. It’s time for us to get in on the game and enter the most prestigious of these new fangled leagues. The MML.”

Upon hearing this there was a muttering, there was a spluttering… one of the elderly cigar chompers stood up, “Now see here you can’t just come in here and…” he cut off as a prawn sandwich was none too nicely stuffed in his mouth. Very unceremoniously he was dragged out of the room.

“There’s going to be no dissent, there’s going to be lots of nodding heads, and you’ll be nodding them at the new coach of the Red Rose Titans… Coach Thunden von Strutten.

Now now, yes I know his record is distinctly average and he’s under a cloud from his disastrous last season, but this fella has already had our team logo tattooed on his leg! He’s doing this for free! He’ll be a stepping stone coach until we can get someone decent in. So, for the time being let him do what he can and then we’ll see where we can go from there.

The team is in ok shape, even after losing our star catcher Marland Yarde to the horrific beatings of Coach Stolzi’s miscreants in the Farm League we think they can still hold their own. Let’s be clear we’re going to use Coach Thunden to stabilise the team in the Challenge League and as discussed then we get in a good coach, like Coach Triperis or Coach LouLiz… hell even the extremely veteran Coach Josiah Frost might be an option!”

After the ignominious exit of the last Old Fart to put up any resistance, the rest fell in line and politely clapped Bowmont with much, “Hear hear!”.

Bowmont continued, “For now we will fete Coach Thunden as is par for the course, he’s going to be here in a minute. If anyone here so much as gives a hint of our longer term project it’ll be Jonnos fist not a prawn sandwich in your cake holes…”

Silence reigned as Jonno glowered from the corner.

Minutes passed and the burnished oak doors flung open as Coach Thunden burst into the room… and promptly tripped over a fold in the carpet.

Without missing a beat and with a performance nearly as polished as the mahogany desk they sat around, Bowmont surged forward and picked up the downed former Nurgle coach. “I thought you said you left that sort of luck behind with the Widowmakers!!!” he said with a chortling laugh full of bonhomie.

Coach Thunden gained his feet and chuckled with the amiable Bowmont, man he liked this guy!!!! What a dude! He couldn’t wait to tuck into the famed wine cellar of Bowmont after the first win at Twickers! He had finally found a home where he was appreciated… man, it felt good. What could possibly go wrong…

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