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[expand title=”Season 5 Changes”]

Board Ruling: The following proposal was voted on 8/10/2016 and passed via majority.

Commentary: Returning teams are now allowed to enter into the next season with less than 11 players on the roster. This is to ensure the longevity of teams that may otherwise find themselves without a full roster and unable to fund players at the end of a season.

Updated Rule:

  • A team needs to be in a certain state in order to receive a ticket to participate in a season, this state is defined in addition to the above Pro/Challenge Team definitions:
    • Returning Pro Teams:
      • May field less than 11 man rosters (i.e. use Journeymen). Journeymen value will be calculated into the overall of the returning Pro team.
        • or players missing the next game will have their TV value calculated into the overall TV. The will no longer manage games for coaches in the off-season.
      • Returning Pro Teams must comply with all TV policies.
    • -to-Pro Teams:
      • Minimum 11 man (active) roster. More than 11 players is allowed, however at least 11 players must be available to play in the first game.
    • All Teams:
      • All players must not have excess SPP. All players must be leveled and not have SPP held in reserve in excess of their next level.
      • No transactions may be enacted once a ticket is accepted and prior to the first game.



[expand title=”Spend Lockout”]

Board Ruling: The following proposal was voted on 8/25/2016 and was not passed due to a non-consensus of voting members

Commentary: Discussion surrounding the 8/10/2016 addition of prohibiting teams from making transactions (buy/sell, etc) after they accept their Season ticket was had.

Updated Rule: Nothing was changed as a result of this vote.




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