Born to be a Legend

It is the last home game of The Longbomb Carpenters’ season, against the leader of their division, the Nurgle team of Abdomination Nation and Coach VpowerV.
A violent snowstorm sweeps over The Stadium of The Carpenters which makes there passing game too difficult.
Abdomination Nation scored in the last seconds of the game.
There are still exactly 10 seconds on the clock. The Carpenters have yet another chance to put the game into a 2:2 match.
Coach Stolzi gives Longbomb Lerry last instructions.
Stolzi: Lerry I know we can still make it you snap the ball throwing it to AB and he runs the stuff!
Lerry: Coach, the storm. I do not know if I can make it.
Stolzi: We had such a good season. Just a loss against The Pumas and that will also stay.  Show them!
Coach Vpower’s guys get ready to defend themselves.
There are only 10 seconds on the clock so it should not be a problem for so experienced a team to defend the last offence from the Carpenters.
The Nation Pulls far back into the end zone.
AB ready turns right at the LOS. His goal in mind. A small, miserable rotter is in the way of him and his goal.
He carried the whole team this season on his shoulders. Without him, The Carpenters would never have made a 2-3-1 record.
And the record will be even better in your first Pro season.
The fans of the Carpenters call so loud, that one almost understands nothing anymore. GO OFFENSE GO OFFENSE GO GO LERRY GO GO LERRY GO.
The Kick goes deep. Lerry is just in the perfect position and catches the ball he quickly searches his goal – AB … a quick pass to AB and he has the ball.
He shoots forward with a crazy tempo. Massive blocks at the LOS. AB winds through and sprints farther. Nobody Can Stop Me Nobody! he yells.
He’s aiming at his goal with mad pace he crashes into the small rotter, rams him aside and brings the ball into the end zone …..
The fans rest completely from cheering songs The Stadium Shouts     AB AB AB AB ….
The players grab Coach Stolzi and carry him to the pitch and throw him again and again.
What a first MML Pro Leaugue season for The Carpenters with a result of 2 wins 4 draws and only one loss.
Nobody would have expected that from the rookie Coach Stolzi.
A great celebration starts and it goes up late in the morning as coach Stolzi is looking for AB …
He finds him alone on the field.
Stolzi: AB my boy what you have done this season is indescribable. I knew I had the right smell and that you would be the biggest transfer ever in the history of Carpenters.
With this performance my boy, the fans call you now, The Legend.
AB is speechless and no longer knows what to say.
Stolzi: and something else I’ve just got to know. We’ve got a Bowl game boy, against The Darkside Diddlers. It’s great it could be the first title for us. I rely on you my boy.
AB: Coach I’ll give it all and we’ll get the trophy. With Lerry in the back and with our other offense, we can just win.
Coach Stolzi Knocks AB on the shoulder … We will!

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