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Hi again Participants,

Barney Ull Shi’taar here with a bounty update. We received this one some time ago but decided to hold it back a bit so the league can get used to having 2 bounties before they have 3. This bounty is for :


Strength 4 Elfs? Really MML? Those kind of players should not be on the pitch in the first place and certainly not survive a match. Do you really want elf bs, because this is how you get serious elf bs! The reward is an all you can eat (and drink) dinner for two at the famous five star restraunt Food De La Halflings cooked by the finest halfling chefs paid for by coach ChaseJJ of the “cans we eats it”.

In other news, we have had reports from C.A.T.S that skaven activity is at an all-time high around the BillCOWher Power Hour training camp. Let me just say the obvious here. The bounty on Knob Creek can only be claimed if he is killed ON the field in an MMLPRO game. So fire those Assassins, call back the stormvermin teams and concentrate on killing him on the field. Also stop sending us Chaos Warriors heads, we onle want Knob Creek !!

As Always if more players become a problem for the league, please let us know by sending the following form to our email address.

Team Name :
Name :
Player Type :
Reason :
Reward ( if any ) :

B.Ull Shi’taar
BLA administrator.

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