Bounty League Association – Update

Hi again MML Participants,

Barney Ull Shi’taar here with a bounty update. We are very concerned about the state of your league, many leagues go through a season with only 1 bounty listing. But not only are we going to add a second bounty to the list, it is also only 2 days after the last one. This is unheard of at the BLA and we will be keeping a close eye on the MML.

This particular nasty individual appears to seek to maim, kill, and dismember his opponents and cares nothing about scoring. It’s puzzling to us how MML let this player on the field in the first place. 


The reward is the everlasting mention of the bounty-claimers name in the history books of the BLA and the knowledge your league is a safer place. The coach that listed this bounty would like to remain anonymauz, so we are not posting the coaches name.

Current Open Bounties :







As Always if more players become a problem for the league, please let us know by sending the following form to our email address.

Team Name :
Name :
Player Type :
Reason :
Reward ( if any ) :

B.Ull Shi’taar
BLA administrator.