Bounty League Association

Hi Mead & Mayhem League participants,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Barney Ull Shi’taar and i’m head of the Bounty League Association. ( BLA ) We are an independant organisation tasked with overseeing Bounties on Blood Bowl Leagues. Our main task is handling the listing and claiming of Bounties on particular individuals.

We recently were contacted by a member of your league concerning a gutter runner that scores in 1 turn. We here at the BLA understand that this is an abomination and hence we gladly add the following bounty to the list :uw95487_created

This bounty was listed by Coach Doneagle of the Leaping Lizards. If anyone was wondering what this reward is, it is actual physical beer delivered by Gnomes to your doorstep.

If more players become a problem for the league, please let us know by sending the following form to our email address. Keep in mind that rewards don’t need to be something physically, use your imagination.

Team Name :
Player Name :
Player Type :
Reason :
Reward ( if any ) :



B.Ull Shi’taar