Bowl Week Injury and Obituary

Hello MMLPro fans, League Apothecary More_Shots here with the bowl week injury update.

Sadly injuries and deaths are STILL down. Week 8 had only 7 injuries and 2 deaths. That is 2 weeks in a row that we have had that. I think that injuries will be down in the bowl games. Teams will be focused on scoring and getting the win and not as focused on bashing each other into the pitch. The only thing that may increase injuries is if games go into OT. If some of these elf or rat teams end up in long drawn out games I might be very busy.


McMurty’s Famous Bowl

All players healthy


Spike! Magazine Bowl

All players healthy


Happy Serenity Bowl

INJURED, Lineman Augustus for Remember the Tyrants

INJURED, Catcher Timur for Remember the Tyrants


Orcidas Bowl

All players healthy


Goblin Gambling Bowl

INJURED, Lineman Nizik for Roquefort Ramblers

INJURED, Lineman Patchyk Jr. for Roquefort Ramblers

INJURED, Gutter Runner Skitterdash for Roquefort Ramblers

INJURED, Lineman Elthel for Nevermoor Ravens


Talisman ‘R’ Us Bowl

INJURED, Witch Elf Strikes for Darkmoon Blades


Bloodweiser Bowl

INJURED, Blitzer Jekil Fentleberry for Gottleib Gladiators


The Frozen Thrones vs The Green Tide Titans

All players healthy


The Cold Hard Truth vs Innsmouth Deep Ones

INJURED, Beastman Point-mulgors for Innsmouth Deep Ones


The obituary column has a very sad entry this week. Cheese Danish met his demise this past week against the Treehawks. He only survived 3 turns before taking a deadly punch from a wood elf. In brighter news we had another loner die this week. Whulutch was filling in on the Skuttle Butts. He made the foolish move of attacking a dark elf with block. The both down happened and he was quickly killed.

Pierre’s Pastries

Lineman Cheese Danish: Deceased

Cheese Danish








Skuttle Butts

JOURNEYMAN Lineman Whulutch: Deceased







My condolences go out to all coaches who have lost players this week in the MML and Farm. We play a violent game and this is the price we all play for the opportunity to taste sweet victory and achieve fame and glory in the MML.

As always, I’ve got a shot for ya, More_Shots