Breaking the Chains that Bind

The quiet around the Rat’s Nest was otherworldly. So much of the team’s future depended on the next few days and yet there was nothing but peace within the walls.

Lhyut, the Ratlings’ thrower, was practicing his rock launching. The skaven engineered cannon that replaced his arm would provide the accuracy needed for his part in the upcoming operation. Coach StuffnJunk had spent the last of the team’s treasury to purchase an Official Dignity™ rock. There could be no room for error. The message the rock must convey was of vital importance.

The team had scouted the route from Orcatraz to the White Forest stadium extensively over the last couple days. They knew the road like the curves of a lover, and knew exactly where the operation should take place. The tunnel running from the Rat’s Nest to the secluded forest grove was rigged with small explosive charges. This tunnel would provide the team with cover to reach the grove. The charges would cover the escape route: assuming they were able to actually pull off the operation.

Krire the Lethal finished his carving upon the Dignity™ rock. The son of the recently deceased Nurgre the Lethal swore that he could write in the language of the Beastmen. Coach StuffnJunk just hoped that Don Jamaica could read it:

Don’t eat the McMurty’s at the game. The entire APO Union could not save you from its effects.

Help is coming on the trip back. Follow the Gutter Runner. Try to keep up.


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