Bring me the head of Morgnee!!

It is with sad regret that I have to announce the death in action of our beastman Bacardi. Tipped as our star player at the start of the season, this young goat and father of sixteen kids signed from the farm team The Power 1/2 hour and has played a couple of seasons for the Thugz. His additional arms and kicking ability made him a fan favourite amongst our loyal fans the Thugeez and Thugettez.

I hear by place a bounty on the head of the Orc Blitzer Morgnee. No 8 of Yate Yobz 2.3. This vile specimen of Orc purposely went out to kill poor defenceless Bacardi who at the time was waving to some young fans on the sideline, ever the clubman and role model that he was. Whichever player kills this Orc shall be honoured with a great feast at the Black Stronghold and become an honoured guest and entered into the Thugz Hall of Fame. I speak to all coaches and all races out there. Bring me the head of Morgnee!!!!! Craly Mantle attempted to do this but the Orc ran away from him and over the sidelines where the fans put boot to face and took him out of the game.

Honour the death of Bacardi and I will where the head of Morgnee as a hat each match day!

Thank you for your time.

Warthog out.


  1. The 1/2 Hour and Power Hour would like to thank the Thugz for taking Bacardi in and making his dreams of playing in the Pros come true. We offer our support to you, your team and his large family in this difficultly time. As alway out farm system is open for you in the coming seasons.

  2. “Hahaha” was the only response from morgnee when I told him about the bounty on his head! Then after some slight reflection he said “What’s a follower of chaos doing waving at fans taking his eye off da game anyway, dude deserved da hit!”. He then went off to the training pitch at which point I noticed a dirty beastman tail hanging his belt.

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