Cans we eats it post game week 1

Hello there #first we kills it than wes eats it fans. Before we start the interview i have 2 things to say. The first is shots did you get your pay rise because if not you should,and whatever there paying you its not enough. The other thing is i would like a moment of silence for the hurt players on the team. Without further delay NEXT.

Reporter#1: can you tell us your thoughts on the game?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes I can first I would like to say that I am extremely proud of my players they played there hearts out. The main thing for everyone to practice is exhaustion I noticed in the last quarter of the game they started to get hurt more and started playing worse.NEXT

Reporter#93 How did the team start,and get there name?

Coach CHASEJJ: Well the team started when I was approached by 3 sponsors they are food for hungry orcs, Mcgurty’s, and green thumbed green skins campaign. food for hungry orcs are trying to find more food for the starving orc population, and the green thumbed greenskin campaign is trying to teach orcs how to raise there own food.The greenskin campaign and food for hungry orcs approached me about coaching a team to help advertise there charity’s and the team grew from there. As for the team name the main backer is food for hungry orcs and part of my contract is to feed my players new never before tried food before games.NEXT

Reporter#57 How do you feel going into week 2?

Coach CHASEJJ: I and the rest of the team feel great we almost tied best east coach so i think we can win our next game. I also feel that a .500 recored is well within reach.NEXT

Thats all for now #first we kills it than wes eats it fans.