Cans wes eats it postgame #2

Hello Cans wes eats it fans.

Coach CHASEJJ: Before the press conference starts I have something to say about the Mauz Power Hour war; quite frankly me and the rest of the team don’t care. Chaos, shaven, the team will kill them just the same however that said I think cower is just in the spirit of blood bowl. NEXT!

Reporter#1: Can you give us your thoughts on the game?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes I can, I am incredibly happy and proud of the team they really played their hearts out even the journeymen played well. NEXT!

Reporter#5: Your not upset with the draw?

Coach CHASEJJ: No I’m not we were down 800tv so this defiantly a win in my book.

Reporter#4: We noticed that a Varg Goul-Chewer was playing for your team this game and that your team looked in top shape can you comment?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes Varg was good enough to play for the team as well as helping them train before the game.NEXT!

Reporter#7: How do you feel going into week 3?

Coach CHASEJJ: I don’t meant to be arrogant but the only upcoming game I feel will be rough is vs the shock and ore. Other than that i feel like we can draw or win our next games with ease. NEXT!

Reporter#8: We noticed you had a player die.However unlike normal he returned unharmed how does this happen? You are known for having terrible apothecary’s.

Coach CHASEJJ: Ah yes I wondered when you would bring this up.Yes me and the team found that the league supplied apothecary was actually being paid by More_Shot’s to kill or severely injure my players so we got rid of(killed) him and hired another one.

Thats all for now#cans wes eats it fans.