Cans wes eats it pre game press conference

Hello, #first we kills it than we eats it fans. 

Reporter#1: So is it true that you are facing the number 1 east coach, with a severely under skilled and relatively new team?

Coach CHASEJJ: Well I wouldn”t say under skilled two of the teams black orcs learned how to block, as well as having one blitzer learning how to make a effective guard, one other blitzer went through severe training and boosted his agility. NEXT!

Reporter#7: Can you give us any insight on how you will play this game?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes I can, with the petty cash given us we have been talking to a famed wizard about helping our team. I have also given the teams  black orcs some special food to increase the strength. NEXT!

Reporter#2: Is it true that Cans wes eats it went undefeated in the farm?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes we did the only game we “lost” was because someone bribed the ref into ejecting the team. NEXT!

Reporter#5: We have heard rumors that you stole The Frozen Thrones armor and replaced it with wood elf leather. We have also heard that you spiked there Bloodweiser.

Coach CHASEJJ: While I can neither confirm nor deny. I will say this: don’t be shocked to see several of them in the injury box, as well as seeing several failed ball pickups, and failed gfi’s.

That’s all for know #first we kills it then we eats it fans.

Be sure to turn  your Cabal Vision dials to our match at 5:30 central time today.