Career Re-Animated

Arkham, MA – Few players embody what it means to be a Deep One more than Tra-Tigors. He has become a bit of an institution in Innsmouth. He has found himself atop the Innsmouth all time records in Passes, Catches, Touchdowns, Yards Rushing and Yards Passing. A truly unique once in a generation type talent.

Unfortunately no (beast)man, no matter how gifted, can stop father time. After two long seasons and some hellish hits it seemed like Tra-Tigors was slowing down. He was able to recover from a fractured skull to lead the Deep Ones into the challenge league semi finals before a fierce hit from a Black Orc seemed to all but end his career, smashing his hip to a million tiny pieces… Or so we thought.

Not only was Tra looking at a painful rehab and the very real threat that his Blood Bowl career was in fact over. The Deep Ones had appeared to be ready to move on with the big free agency signing of a young beastman from the farm named Matt. It was at this point Tra did what Tra has done best his whole career, he improvised. With the help of the top medical students  at Miskatonic University (led by new team doctor Herbert West) Tra started the long arduous road back to the MML.

Team officials and Tra himself have been heaping lavish amounts of praise on Dr. West and his “experimental” new rehab system. And so far, it seems to be warranted for mere weeks after he was carried off the field on a stretcher Tra was leading his Deep Ones into the Mouse Trap to face the perennial Skaven powerhouse the Skuttle Butts. And all questions about what Tra we were getting for Season 4 were put to rest as he drew put the first points on the board for the season putting Innsmouth up 1-0 at the half.  The second half the Deep Ones turned to their new young talent and saw Matt lead them off the field with a 2-1 victory. The season is still VERY young but this could be the duo to watch going forward, the crafty vet and the wiley rookie.

The Deep Ones next game is Tuesday 8pm EST against the Seathiel Treehawks. The Deep Ones held on to win 1-0 in their one previous match up.