Carneverous mushrooms vs gold nuckled pygmies. Edible Mag vol.1

Hello cans wes eats it fans (if your not one and reading this your board aren’t you) I am Fin Edible

FE: Would you say this is a must win game?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes I would, this is a game that will quite possibly set the standings of the death valley.NEXT!

FE: What are your thoughts about the upcoming game?

Coach CHASEJJ: We feel very good about the upcoming game, we have scouted out mether and honestly aren’t very worried about the game.NEXT!

FE: You were cursed by nuffle last game, have you done anything to appease nuffle?

Coach CHASEJJ: Yes, we have, are leading scientists have discovered that gnomes are directly related to dwarfs,as well as the fact that gnomes are severely hated by nuffle,we have maybe, possibly, sacrificed some gnomes this week.NEXT!

FE: What is your strategy going into this week?

Coach CHASEJJ: We have told our linemen that they are sacrificial, we are going to give them to methers truck for the half, but our main goal is to score more then mether. We can’t really outbash them without having nuffle waiting in the wings.NEXT!

FE:Thats all for now folks.

Make sure to turn into Cans wes eats it vs Mether shock n orc on saturday at 8:30pm central murican time.