Challenge League Announced

LEAGUE OFFICE – Today the League announces the formation of the MML Challenge League. The Challenge League will run along side the MMLPro Season. The Challenge League begin and end will coincide with the begin and end of the MMLPro Season.


The Challenge League is organized into two Conferences of four teams each:

  • Disputed Lands Conference (DLC), and
  • Ancient Central Empire (ACE)

Regular Season Play:

  • All eight teams will be placed in a round robin competition at the beginning of the season.
  • Each team will play all the teams in both their own conference as well as on the teams in the other conference.
  • This accounts for seven (7) regular season games.

Post Season Play:

  • All eight teams will be placed in a single elimination unseeded Knockout tournament.
  • The winner will be crowned the MML Challenge Champ.

Challenge Coach Perks:

  • If the Pro League looses a coach or is in need of a replacement, the highest ranked Challenge Team will have first dibs on joining he Pro League (then the next highest, on down the line).
  • Challenge Coaches are eligible to each the following Bonus TV:
    • Returning Coach Incentive
    • Recruit-A-Coach Incentive
    • Buy the Farm
    • Challenge Coach Champion: 10 bonus TV is awarded to the MML Challenge Champ.