Champions Cup – The Wet Bandits

Within an oil and grease filled tavern on the edge of the Dark Lands within the Plain of Zharr coach Fire Talker sits alone consuming pint after pint of the cheapest ale the tavern has to offer. He has failed with The Wet Bandits watching them die match after match pushing them to compete… pushing them to win… in the end they died. He said goodbye to Peter the last of the original Wet Bandits and dedicated himself to revenge. Coach Fire Talker was no stranger to the chaos gods and was able to begin coaching Chaos Dwarves with the same relentless pursuit of a championship he had with the Skaven. Ultimately his thirst for a championship had lead him down a path of destruction and chaos that only the most devoted worshipers of the Blood God himself would understand. Coach Fire Talker had lost his playoff match versus Coach Hawka and in that loss Fire Talker was broken. He had failed again… and now he sits alone drinking and hoping that one day he will find his purpose again and achieve some level of peace with his place in the world.

Fire Talker was deep into contemplation when all of a sudden a small cloaked figure was sat in front of him. The coach was drunk but the figure moved with such grace and speed no one in the tavern had noticed the creature enter. As Fire Talker looked up he saw a grey snout and whiskers poke out from the front of the hood. A familiar voice slid an envelope across the table and a familiar voice said, “It’s from Beerz”. At that moment the creature took down his hood to reveal himself. It was Peter, the last Bandit! Fire Talker opened the envelope and read the letter inside. It was an invitation to a champions tournament for The Wet Bandits. Coach Fire looked up at his old friend and said, “Peter… The Bandits are dead. I’m sorry… You yourself are also in no condition to compete… I’M in no condition to compete…” Peter pulled out a familiar green glowing stone from within his cloak and set it on the table. Fire Talker was very familiar with warpstone but was confused at why Peter was showing him the stone. It was one of the largest warpstones Fire Talker had ever seen. The coach looked at Peter in bewilderment as Peter stated, “There is a way that we can bring them back.” Peter once again reached within his cloak and handed a map to the coach. “We must go to the edge of Skavenblight itself.” Peter said, “There, in exchange for this stone and my life a powerful Grey Seer has agreed to bring back the championship team using my body and the stone as a portal. This spell will only last for one game and then my body will parish from the intensity of the spell.” Coach Fire Talker has only known an unyielding pursuit for a championship and knew he could not let Peter sacrifice himself. The coach sat back in his charred wooden chair and told Peter, “Peter… I have let go of the dreams of a championship and I cannot let you do this. We had our chance and I let you and the others down.” Peter stopped Fire Talker and said with a deep growl, “I am very old for a rat, I will be gone soon and this is MY request. I have sacrificed so much and I will not let my greatness die with your cowardness!” The coach shook his head in agreement. He had been so caught up in his pity and self doubt that he didn’t even think about what Peter wanted. Fire Talker knew he had to do this and that he owed this to Peter. The coach drunkenly stumbled to his feet, paid his tab and the two set off immediately to Skavenblight. The two snuck down into one of the many tunnels that stretched the entirety of the Mortal Realms and set off to find the old Grey Seer.

After a very long journey the two finally arrived at the edge of Skavenblight and were greeted by a very powerful looking Grey Seer. The sorcerer looked at them and said only two words in a voice that seemed to echo with whispers, “The stone…” Peter handed it to the ancient rat, whome then afixed it to the end of his staff and raised it high into the air. The clouds began to swirl and lightning chained across the sky as if it wanted nothing more but to reach the staff itself. The Seer began chanting something in Queekish the language of the skaven. This time the echoing Fire Talker heard before was more pronounced and getting louder with every repetition of the encantation. All of a sudden the Grey Seer reach up as if to pull the lightning from the sky. A bolt leapt from the heavens and gladly focused itself within the large warpstone the sorcerer had set at the center of the staff. The sorcerer then aim the concentrated energy at Peter and with one last echoed squeek released the bolt at Peter. The wind and light intensified around Peter and then in a flash all that remained was smoke and dust.

Coach Fire Talked approached the spot where Peter was, concerned for his old friend, as he got closer and the smoke began to settle he could start to see the silhouette of the entire Wet Bandit team! Front and center Peter knelt, seemingly having had braced himself from the bolts impact. He rose from the crouched position looked at Fire Talker and simply nodded with satisfaction.

The Wet Bandits were back and for one last game they will battle for their chance at glory and to set Peters legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

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