Champions Cup – Ubersreik Flamers

YES, YES!!! Man-thing you have done it! I am healed! I am quik-quik again!” 

Peasant Venom snapped awake at the disturbance outside his nest, deep within the Garden of Morr. The area was usually so quiet. It had been over a year since anyone had came to visit the home of the Ubersreik Flamers. Peasant Venom had been alone for some time. The happiness from the memory of his miracle restoration had immediately turned to anger and despair, as it always did. He returned whole and healthy too late. The team had been disbanded with the squad broken up and enjoying their remaining few years. He had tried hard to get them to come back but most of the players he had known had died or retired due to injuries and those that were still alive and well were enjoying their retirement. None wanted to return.

Still he could not leave. He had sacrificed almost everything to return to the Blood Bowl field again and tried in vain to get new teams together but without the backing of any wealthy organisation or individual, there was nothing he could do. But hope returned with the grand announcement that the legendary teams were being invited back for a celebration tournament. Surely the team would come back for it despite being a bit longer in the tooth. They all refused and would no longer take his Cabal Vision calls. Still he refused to be denied.  He went deep into the Skaven underground world. Who he was opened doors that other rats couldn’t get to, or wouldn’t want to walk through. He found what he wanted though which was a warlock engineer from Clan Moulder and Clan Skryre who could be bought and brought together.  Within the darkest recesses underneath the Garden of Morr, the engineers experimented with the numbers hair and blood samples that had been taken from the players throughout their career. With a never ending supply of new rat breeds to experiment with, they were confident in success. Hideous mutated rats came and gone. Some never resembled the players they were meant to be, but would still be extremely useful to warlords throughout the under empire. They were sold for gold and warpstone, which allowed the continued work and experimentation.

Peasant Venom was summoned to their chambers after 4 months. The results were staggering! In front of him stood HIS team. They looked younger and more vibrant than the team he left behind. The Big Cheese standing strong and tall in one corner dominated the scene. He was chained in the corner, thrashing and tearing at the chains trying to escape. In front of him at the same height were his brothers and sister, Hellspawn, Mininitro Gnaw-man and Chitter Chatter. They all looked healthy and ready to go.

One more time! Quik-quik to the field!”

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