Champions Cup – Wrecking Kru

Coach Caven sat in the park, listening to Takru talking about the old times.  The Orc blitzer had lost a step or two, and had a noticeable limp.  Time had caught up to the once venerable star blood bowl player.  Takru ranted on about games, and hits and kills, and of course, winning the MML Pro Championship. “It wuz our greatest feat!” lamented Takru.  The rest of the boys had been sent to the old Orc home, the place where old, worn out blood bowl Orcs went to reminisce about the past and their glory days.  “Coach, wouldn’t it be great if we could do it all again?” asked Gutrad, arguably the best of all the Kru players.  Caven pondered a moment.  “We did have some great games.  We were one of the top teams in the league, for sure.  It would be nice to enter one last competition with you boys, but it just wouldn’t be the same. You are older, and weaker, and in some cases, crippled or maimed. The game is not forgiving, and you are now paying its asking price for glory. Even I have lost a step, and am not as sharp as I once was.  Father time wins all battles, after all.”  At that moment, a young man dressed in the livery of the MML approached the group, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.  “Greetings, Coach Caven and members of the Wrecking Kru!  As you know, the MML sees all and hears all, and in its infinite wisdom, controls all!  We have heard your lamentations, and have a proposition for you.  We are creating a Champions Cup Tournament, which will be open to all former champions and runners-up!  This tournament will be open to you, since you are Season 3 Champions!  How can we participate, you ask?  Again, the MML is all powerful, and have can give you the ability, through our Elixir of Champions, to once again return to your glory days, with the full youth and exuberance of your former selves!!  We can give this to you, at a price.  If you enter our tournament, you will forfeit your souls to the MML after completion, and we can do with them as we wish!  Only if you win the tournament will you be exempt from this stipulation.  Glory again awaits you, if you so choose!  I leave you with the Elixir of Champions, and a decision to make.  If you choose to enter, drink the Elixir of Champions, and return to your former glory, to face other former Champions in the ultimate tournament!”  With that, the young man disappeared almost as quickly as he had arrived.  “Who the ‘ell was that?” asked Graoth. Caven wondered the same.  He had seemed very familiar.  Caven was sure he had met the man before, but where? “I bet it is some scam by the MML to further humiliate us.  Remember the playoff game against Coach Sestonn and his filthy High Elves?” growled Graoth. “Perhaps it is some trick by Coach More_Shots and BCPH?” wheezed Takru, who was now out of breath from walking between the park benches to get a better view of the pond, and the young orclings drowning an unsuspecting dwarf lad. Then it came to Caven.  “The man that was just here.  That was none other than Coach Beerz, one of the MMLs chief agents!  I think this Elixir is the real thing, but I don’t know what the MML is up to.  If we enter the tournament, and win, we can finally clear our names from that sham of a playoff debacle, and finally rest in peace!”  The Wrecking Kru, as one, agreed!  And with that, each member passed around the bottle of Elixir of Champions, and were restored to their former powerful and athletic forms!!  “Now, let’s go and find some victims” shouted Gutrad!


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