Cheese Greaters Press Release

The Mead & Mayhem League (MML) is proud to announce that the Cheese Greaters (The Rats Nest) has joined the league as a new team. The club will compete in the First 4 (MML West) Conference.

“The Cheese Greaters are a tremendous blood bowl market,” MML Chairman commented. “We are thrilled to have the Greaters as our league’s newest team. They are joining an incredible conference in a region that is experiencing great success on and off the field.”

“We chose the MML because we felt it gave us the best opportunity for death and destruction on and off the pitch,” added the coaching staff. “It’s going to be a awesome to establish some regional rivalries and then stomp them into oblivion.”

The Cheese Greaters will play home matches at The Rats Nest, a venue that provides an intimate atmosphere for the fans and players. It holds around 2,000 and was the home of the Cheese Greaters during their last season.

“We will offer yet another decrepit atmosphere in a  major market of a power conference in the MML,” coaching staff concluded. “The Rats Nest has been incredibly successful over the past few years in sending opposing players to their grave. We hope to replicate the success of that fan base in the MML.”