Choices for Warthog

Coach Hairy Warthog sat back in his chair contemplating what had just happened. He had made the announcement to his team the Thugz of Wheldrake that he was resigning as their coach (again), and (again) they won their last match of the season saving them from relegation. They beat the newly promoted Orc outfit the Armageddon Avengers 2-0 to beat the drop and ensure their survival. Hairy shook his head,

“Everytime I drop the Thugz, they raise their game and win, I can’t deal with that anymore Ajax”, he said to the Chaos Dwarf before him. “How is that team of yours coming along” he continued.

“Well Boss, we’ve got a few stars, our bull centaur Stampede McGee is really one to watch, he can score from anywhere” Ajax replied.

Coach Warthog weighed up his options. Could he see his future with A.G.G.R.O. this impressive chaos dwarf team he thought. As the two of them were chatting, Smirnoff the former Thugz player who was now employed by Hairy as coaching staff entered the office and dropped the mail on Warthog’s desk. He picked up a large parchment which had been tied with Wardancer hair. It’s contents were an invitation to attend a meeting to discuss coaching opportunities on behalf of a wealthy benefactor the following day. Hairy had become accustomed to receiving strange things in the post, fan mail, hate mail, witch elf underwear, etc so this was nothing new to him. He realised the meeting place was not too far away so asked Ajax to look after the Stronghold in his absence, the one thing he did notice on the bottom of the parchment was a roughly drawn circle with a in the middle of it.

due to signing an official disclaimer, the contents of the discussion cannot be published at this time

Coach Warthog made his way out of the dilapidated building, stench and animal faeces lining his route to the front entrance. As he walked out of the run down mansion he saw a familiar face being flanked by two of the scruffiest, flea bitten mangy hounds he had seen. It was coach Bernie Buffoon one of the so called Four Horsemen. Trying to act as though he didn’t recognise him, Hairy simply nodded and made his way past and returned to the Stronghold.

From his office window he looked out to the training grounds. The Thugz had now departed and gone their own ways. A.G.G.R.O. we’re putting some training in below him, Stampede McGee was indeed and impressive sight, running full halves of the pitch in single bursts. A blocker named Tazz was putting his claws to good work on the opposition and a Minotaur (not another one!) was putting some fine blocks on display. As he observed he noted another team making their way onto the astrogranite, Pestilence Dealers. A nurgle team he had encountered on his travels, Hairy knew this team could play blood bowl and had some fine players. He shouted down to both teams to face up against each but not to kill each other so he could see how they performed in a real match.

As he watched his two prospects battling it out something caught his eye. Looking past the training ground to the cemetery he could see the ancient treeman (with singed branches) and he appeared to be watching and observing the whole area. Unable to see exactly what was going on, Hairy turned and sat back down. On his desk, right in front of him, was a severed hand. The fingers clenched in a fist tightly around a piece of parchment. Prising the fingers open and retrieving the paper, Warthog laid it out in front of him. It read

if you build it, they will come ……..


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