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Coach of the week is a wonderful thing! A time to celebrate the achievements of the people that make this community what is it! To remember what someone has put in, and how they have gone that extra mile!

This week we have someone who had a tough beginning in the MML but has gone on to be one of the ever present figures; always seeming to be willing to help others out! His cheery deameanour characterises this fellow and his voice has become his hallmark!

It is said that Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships. We have no doubt that this coach’s voice will launch a thousand twitch broadcasts, and he is well on his way to making that happen himself! In the last week he set himself the goal of announcing, no less than 8 MML games! – And, naturally, he achieved that goal and should be, rightly, proud! In so doing he will  have undoubtedly earned the gratitude of all those he has supported in this way! – We speak of course of Teddytom!

Quickly earning attention with his precision, impartially, and attention to detail with the play-by-plays in each one of the games featured, Teddy’s broadcasts get better and better each time he takes to the air! Always willing to be self effacing he took the recent mentions in Loud Mouth suggesting his announcing sounded like, “A fly trapped in a jar,” in the spirit it was intended. – We all know that he lends real character to each one of the games he calls and it is great that we are able to give him the recognition he deserves!

If you haven’t been able to catch a game announced by Teddytom then you have some catching up to do. A whole range of past broadcasts are available at:

–  Go check them out! – You won’t be disappointed!

In each of his broadcasts Teddy will always say, “I would just like to thank everyone tuning in and hope that you are enjoying the game!” – Well Teddy, it’s your turn now. – We would like to thank you Teddy, sincerely, for tuning into the MML and hope that you are enjoying your time here! – Here’s to many great broadcasting moments to come! We give to you, the MML community, our well deserved Coach of the Week; Teddytom!

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  1. Thanks everyone, really do appreciate all the kind words you sent me and is much of a team effort then just me. i announce the game sure but YOU guys are the one’s playing and allowing me to announce. unfortunately due to twitch losing your streams after 2 weeks. i decided that next season, i will start posting them onto my youtube channel whereby i will organise all the videos by play pools, weeks, season etc. if i get the chance to stream it or be apart of it. looking forward to participating in the league once i have officially entered and probably stream those to as well as maybe some cladder streams.

    Once again. thanks to each and every coach in the MML for giving me this honour

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