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So! It is once again time to honour a coach who goes the extra mile to make the MML the great community that it is!
But what’s this? – We don’t just have one coach to honour this week, but three coaches! – It has truly been an outstanding week of work in the MML!

The first coaches we are going to give our great thanks to and honour are Stompa (gillik_p) and Leathyndra! – These coaches, this week, gave us the wonderful awards ceremony for the season!

The graphics were outstanding with individual awards presented for each of the award winners; such as the one presented below:

Whilst the specific award, above, continues to bring sorrow to many in the community, there were many wonderful positive awards as well; ranging from fan favourites to the best punching bags!

These coaches have been going the extra mile collecting the votes for the awards and were extremely dilligent in ensuring that every coach who wanted to was able to cast their vote. This demonstrates their commitment to inclusion and the efforts reminds us what stalwarts of this community they are!

It was quite the pre-final show and was an extremely welcome addition to the season!

So, again, Stompa and Leathyndra, thank you for being here, for the work you do, the contributions you make and congratulations on being ‘Coaches of the Week!’

But we did say we were going to honour three coaches, didn’t we? – And so we are! There is a third ‘Coach of the Week’ and this would be none other than LouLizCSC, more commonly known to us all as ‘Lou!’

We realise that a ‘Coach of the Week’ award will not compare to the fact that he managed to get his name in gold as the new MML champion this week, and whilst that is the greatest achievement in the MML we wanted to take time to thank him for all the work he does in so many other areas as well, from announcing games, to being a welcoming figure, to his new work on the Coaches Council and to ensuring that we are all up to date with match scheduling. One piece of work caught our attention this last week, however, and that was his new venture in hosting an MML quiz!

This was broadcast on his twitch channel, and so if you missed it you have the chance to check it out again. Lou compiled 50 questions with 6 coaches acting as competitors. Much fun and entertainment was had by all!

The quiz covered a range of areas and it showed that Lou had put the work in doing his reseach! So many positive comments showed that the broadcast had been very well received.

Picture questions were included, along with anagrams, statistics, background, MML specific and community-wide topics. The above picture featured in one of the questions. Do you know who this is? (Answer will be inserted into the comments section below.)

So, we have so many great coaches here in this community and all are appreciated! – But this week we wanted to honour these three great coaches for the work they do and the contributions they have made! – One last time, we give you Lou, Stompa and Leathyndra our worthy ‘Coaches of the Week!’


  1. Great work guys! – And as promised in the above article. The answer to the picture question is: Prince Moranion.;)

  2. WOW, coach of the week. Thanks everyone. You guys did all the hard by playing the games, so credit to everyone in the MML. We couldn’t have done it without you. Keep on rocking !

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