Coach of The Week

Today marks the return of coach of the week.  Coach of the week highlights a coach that is going above and beyond to in the MML.  Past CotW coaches have been the likes of Fnords for his excellent work in graphics and statistics.  ChaseJJ for his willingness to help new coaches and share his Norse knowledge with everyone.  Hair Warthog for extensive work in the broadcasting area with has lead to the famous MML tag line “It’s Blood Bowl (Insert current day)!!” Trademark HairyWarthog,

But now is the present, This week we have a relative newcomer to the MML.  In his short tenure he has made a splash in the discord with his activities.  He has been producing fun graphics for teams… that look something like this.

He also has introduce the MML to Kris Terd and the Loud Mouth

If you haven’t figured out who the Coach of the Week is you must be living under a rock.  Lewisuarez7 has been very active in chat and inventive in finding his voice and story in the MML.  Congratz to Lewisuarez7 on being the coach of the week and tune in again next week to see who is honored.



  1. Always look forward to seeing Lewisuarez7 updates, especially Kris Terd! Both Kris and Lewisuarez7 are MML legends in the making.

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