Cold Blooded Seers

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“Pass the ball to me, puny skink!” Bellowed Grimlock, to Tehechi, in the last moments of the Seers match vs the the Order of the Holy Squirrel.

Tehechi was his own skink, the undoubted star of the Slaan Seers, and was not used to being spoken to like that. (Perhaps, also because Grimlock seemed to be the only saurus on the Seers team that could actually put any words together in the common tongue.) Coach Frost had also clearly wanted the ball to be passed to Kroxlantha, the kroxigor, and Tehechi did normally at least pay lip service to doing as he was told, so he nonchalantly handed the ball to the Kroxigor. As he did this, however, Grimlock cried out in rage and Kroxlantha swatted at the ball towards the waiting hands of Grimlock, who caught it with surprising ease.

“Me Grimlock! Me king!” Cried out the saurus in triumph, and moments later he was celebrating his first touchdown for the Seers.

Coach Josiah Frost watched on from his office, through a Cabalvision crystal ball. He never appeard to any of his team, except the Overseers. He sighed, deeply, and rubbed at his temples; quite troubled by what he had seen. So far the Overseers and Tehechi had been impervious to the ‘commands’ of Grimlock. But when Grimlock spoke all the other Seers seemed to do his bidding. Frost shook his head, lounged back in his seat and lit a cigar. So far though it had not been a bad season; back in the pros….. What did it really matter if this new signing to Seers was dominant? He wasn’t doing a bad job, really….

Back at the All Seeing Eye, the stadium of the Slaan Seers, the Overseer Mk IV, the skink currently charged with relaying coach Frost’s instructions to the team, was tentatively confronting Grimlock.

“Coach Frost will not be pleased you know, Grimlock! – He wanted a Krox touchdown, just like that Larry Krox, from the Lord of the Skinks team!” Whined the Overseer Mk IV.

Grimlock looked down at the Overseer Mk IV with utter contempt, before speaking, “Me Grimlock! Me king! Me not care what Frost eye man in crystal ball want! Me Grimlock, have frost of Grimlocks own!”

The Overseer Mk IV look unconvinced and a little bit confused. This emotion was quickly replaced by fear however as Grimlock, quick as a skink fleeing from a beast of Nurgle, reached down with his scaly right hand, almost crushing the Overseer Mk IV’s throat and lifting him aloft and against the wall.

“You take me to Frost man! You know where Frost man is!”

“I can’t! I really can’t! Please! Please let go!” The Overseer could barely speak, or plead the the words. His long tongue now flicking out of his mouth, pitifully pushing against the arm of the saurus as if in a desperate bid to break free.

The Saurus’ other hand now held aloft a cube of ice, that curiously did not seem to melt. There was something within, almost looking like a leaf, perhaps even a tree… It almost looked like an eye…. Grimlock pressed the cube of ice against the face of the Overseer, who began to shriek in agony. It burned, the ice burned at his fragile flesh. Pain like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“I’ll take you! Please, by the Old Ones, I’ll take you! Just make it stop!”

Grimlock laughed and withdrew the cube of ice.

The cube itself now almost seemed to speak, with a voice ringing in the head of the Overseer, “See, you are a good cold one, really! A good child of the Gods! It is time you followed Our plan! Take our servant, Grimlock, to Coach Frost.”

“Me not servant! Me Grimlock, Me king!” Spoke the Saurus, as if he too was hearing the words.

“Yes, Grimlock king, of course you are…” Seemingly, replied the crystal.

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