Comeback Trail

“Sweep left! SWEEP LEFT!!, that’s right you gang of goons!” Brun Kurneg shook his head and looked to the skies and then back at his players its hopeless he thought he had been brought back to life along with his players who had been murdered in that wintery ravine. He hadn’t wanted to coach the Dead Hornets until the people in power at then Hornet’s pointed out the small print in his contract.

* at the time of death the contract to coach the Hergig Hornets of any affiliated teams shall be terminated however at the time of your death your body becomes team property and  if a necromancer is able to reanimate you then the contract stands and you will continue in your post*

So here he was with his beloved Hornets players all except Kris Terd Jnr had been found and given to a necromancer to do his work, Brun still wanted to play blood bowl a certain way the Hornet way but his players though they had kept their personalities and the same will to give their all but had lost pace, strength, agility and that made them the players they were. He had drilled them mercilessly and though they had come leaps and bounds helped by several ex hornets who had already been reanimated and playing for the Dead Hornets Society and what was supposed to be a side show to the Hergig Hornets now the Hergig Hornets were no more and the Hornet franchise continued solely with the Dead Hornets. The same desire from the board to build an historic franchise was there the stadium had been expanded to fill the need of the growing fan base those already loyal fans had been joined by hordes of new fans eager to see the team that died.

Adverts had been sent far and wide to entice some of the finest human blood bowl talent around to sign pre death contracts and perhaps the biggest star in the MML today Royce Gracie of the famed Los Pumas had already signed on the dotted line in a deal that is rumoured to have made him the highest paid player in the MML.

The mystery of who killed the Hornets is yet to be solved and the whereabouts of Kris Terd Jnr body is still to be established meanwhile the teams in the farm have been finding out just how serious the Hornets were about returning to the big time after their first foray into the MML leagues was tragically cut short and there was a growing belief that not only would they return but return in style.

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