Comings and Goings at The Kingdom

DwarfGiant reflected on the season past. It had been bruising to say the least. The Kings had finished 10th in The Pro’s, reached a ball game for the second season in a row but had again failed to win any silverware. That was an achievement of sorts but he felt that coaching errors in two of the games had cost his team a play off place.

Those pesky Norse had placed reflective mirrors around their stadium prior to the ball game, dazzling Badfak, the teams longstanding thrower, and anyone trying to catch the ball in the sunshine. It also meant the lads hadn’t seen some of the big hits coming resulting in a brutal encounter.

That brought him to his current scenario – the post season press conference.

‘Welcome to The Pumpkin Kings post season press conference. Without further ado, I would like to welcome a new member to the playing staff – I present you APOLLO GREED!’

A hulking Black Orc stomped on the stage, gave a grunt then a roar and walked off the other side.

‘Greed is going to be great’ grinned DwarfGiant. ‘We’ve scouted far and wide to bring in the toughest SOB we could find in the rookie ranks. We’re confident we’ve done that. Greed is hungry for success. Any questions?’

A hand rose from the assorted journalists. ‘What did Kid Block say about that? Rumours were pretty strong suggesting he had signed a pre-contract to become the next star Blocker.’
‘Yes, well, his time will come. Another years development will help him in the long run. Besides, do you know how much he was asking for? Let’s just say he may need to lower his expectations, especially as we’ve signed a great rookie with a lot of talent for a lot less’.

Another journalist put their hand in the air. ‘What happened to Azhag Bruiscalf? He just seems to have disappeared. Is that how you treat your veterans?’ DwarfGiant recognised the journalist – it was that wizened old goblin that was asking awkward questions at Fist Rockbone’s press conference.

‘Azhag decided he wanted to retire’ he replied. ‘His body had taken a lot of punishment and was tenderised. He felt he could help the team better in other ways’. DwarfGiant allowed himself a grin. Didn’t these people know how much it cost to feed a squad of Orcs? The Troll meat had ran out earlier than expected.

‘Anyway, I can see, looking at next years team, there’s a lot of Azhag in them.’ The journalists looked at each other in puzzlement. DwarfGiant quickly corrected his faux pas ‘His spirit I mean. Spirit? You know?’

No one looked convinced. DwarfGiant quickly changed the subject. ‘I’d also, like to wish my good friend and fellow coach Lazertrip the best of luck in his final and want him to know I am not jealous at all. I am looking forward to locking horns with him next season when we can prove we have what it takes to be champions. No further questions.’

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