Conference Leading Brute Retires

GRUNT NATION – New Orcland Grunts star Black Orc Azhag Smash’Eyez has announced he will retire, citing concern for his personal health among the reasons for his decision.

In a Twerper he posted on Tuesday, Azhag wrote that his choice to retire comes after sustaining a second injury in his career last week during the Treehawks game.

“I think much, die bad,” Azhag wrote. “Sit out game, no play. Think not die, good thing. Help team.”

Going in to week 5 Azhag lead the Dungeon West with 3 Knock Outs. The Grunts echoed Azhag’s sentiment by stating that his conference leading brutality will be sorely missed. The Grunts have retained Azhag’s services as an assistant coach through the remainder of the season, although he will not be on the travel roster for away games.

“We plan to replace Azhag promptly,” said Preach, head coach of the Grunts, “we just need to be sure we find the right prospect. We’ve got a few we’re looking at, but it’s too premature to comment – give us a few days.”