Subject: Consequences

We told you what it was. You knew what you were supposed to do. We told you to keep it simple. Play ball this year and you’ll get your turn when it’s time. But you’ve been having secret sewer meetings. Did you think we didn’t know about those? WE. SEE. EVERYTHING. And then you tried to get cute with a wizard. You even told our messenger to—how did you put it?—“pound sand.” So we had to remind you who’s in charge.

Real shame how the refs wouldn’t call any of the lizards’ fouls. Too bad your apothecary couldn’t help the pig boy when his knee was melted by the fireball. And why did your ogre just keep laying there?

Did your players’ armour feel lighter? Maybe less sturdy? Funny how they weren’t able to break skink armour, huh?

Boy, can those Dysfunction sauri catch! Wonder what they have spread all over their claws…and where do you suppose they found that rookie superstar skink? Didn’t play like a Level 1. But he was getting paid like a level 1…unless someone was financing the difference on the back end, off the books. Hmm…

You ruled the roost. You built something. You thought you were safe. I get it. But the word is out. You are not safe. Not even close. In fact, you are pegged, more pegged if you don’t do what we want. This is your way of life now. The more you fight back the harder it will be. So if someone knocks on your door, you let us in. We own that door. You try to stop us and we will knock it down.

It’s a new day, Serious. I want you to think about what could have happened, think about what happened, and think about what can still happen. You answer to us. You provide for us. You belong to us.

This time it cost you Ezell’s life. Next time, it could cost you a whole. lot. more. Pass the word to your chaotic and ratty friends.

*This message will self destruct in exactly 60 seconds*


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