Could Be Worse

The Blood Bowl pitch is a strange place. When the world outside is crushing down upon you It can be the calmest place in the world. A sanctuary, a small piece of normalcy in a crazy world. I have lived thru the gambit of emotions over the past few seasons. I’ve had great success and amazing failures. I’ve enjoyed fame and endured prison. I’ve done my best to pay attention and learn from my mistakes. I’ve played against many great coaches and have enjoy the games immensely. Wins, draws and losses all have been enjoyable and have taught me to be a better coach and to how to win with grace and also lose with grace. Today I look back on my past and see the person I was and also look forward at the person I’d like to be.
This morning I awoke a bit panicked. I still felt unprepared for the days game. I knew the players and I knew the game plan. I knew everyone’s skills and how they had been used in the past. I even knew some of the Titans goals for the game. Don’t ask how I know these things. Cause I will not tell. But, the randomness of this game makes me feel a bit uneasy. Seconds tick away and I’m carried into the future and closer to the game. I think and envision what may happen.
I will look across the field today and have respect and friendship for Thunden. Friendship and respect can become deadly weaknesses on a Blood Bowl pitch. So, my team will have to be devoid of these emotions. They will have to act as they have been trained. They will have to not hesitate in their actions. They will attack and fight for this win. The only instruction I gave them was “Do not foul unless the player had done a pile on. But, if they pile on then foul if you like.” The Power Hour have been trained and know well what is expected of them. Now it is time for them to act on the training I’ve given them.
What will come of this game I do not know. My hopes are that no matter what the outcome that it will be entertaining for people to watch and enjoyable for both coaches.
I’m done scouting and planning… I’m done worrying about what may happen. I’m done with having expectations of myself. I will have a few beers and some fun and let the dice roll how they please. Cause even if this game goes completely wrong for me I’ll be able to smile and laugh knowing that it’s all just a game.


  1. I raise my cup of pg tips and salute my foe, my friend and a coach I have nothing but respect for.
    To the victor the spoils.
    To us just, another chapter in our glorious rivalry.

    …I still have a bad feeling about this!!!!!

  2. Players die, games are won and lost, but you only really lose when you can’t find enjoyment in what you’re doing!

  3. It was a hard game, hard luck and well fought. Perfect sentiments and no one was actually seriously hurt as a result. 🙂

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