Count Fnord Reminisces – A team worthy of the World

There once was a smug vampire lord,

He had his abode in a dark and eerie castle,

His name was and still is Count Fnord,

And out of all his minions, the mad scientist was his most loyal vassal


One day the mad scientist opened a portal,

It lead to a world that was completely unlike ours,

He was already mad, but now he even forgot that he was mortal,

He leapt out of the tower and fell to his death under the stars.


The count then found the mad scientists work,

And he was intrigued and started to theorize,

His mind lit up, he had an idea and he started to smirk,

I will make them all wish for those days of snake eyes.


Therefore, he set his new plan in motion,

He was to create a most devastating team the world had ever seen,

He conducted experiments and mixed more than one potion,

And the world has seldom witnessed a more murderous scene.


And so another blood bowl team was made,

Out of the dead and parts from another realm,

Their visage so deranged it was enough to make even the bravest afraid,

Made of skeletons, zombies and ghouls, he put mummies at the helm.


But as with all things good and bad,

This team decayed and were soon just a memory,

And the lord was left not unlike a displeased dad,

For a time he was even lost in a sense of reverie.


But that day came and left,

Now a new team will rise,

They are like their early brethren of life bereft,

But even without eyes, they have their sights on the price.


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