Courage and Cowardice, the demise of Gwen.

It was turn 15 in the blockbusting season 10 opener between InGen Apocalypse and Los Pumas. InGen are on the back foot, the score 2-4 against them. Royce Gracie the immovable human blitzer had the ball. He stepped casually away from a blitzing Saurus as if it was nothing. That’s when Gwen found herself suddenly toe to toe with the behemoth of a human star player. But she wasn’t intimidated, not for a moment. She turned to Conqaxl at her side and gestured to him to follow her lead. Then she crouched back and lunged forwards at the ball. It was nestled safely under Royce massive arm. She didn’t even touch the ball before Royce snatched her in his free hand and held her up high, his fingers crushing her throat. Conqaxl took two steps up to help, but as the blood thirsty crowd began to chant “Kill! Kill! Kill!”, he began to fear and stopped dead in his tracks staring up at his team mate as she struggled to break free. Her wide eyes were filled with terror and pain. There was a moment of hesitation in Royce eyes, time stood still for just a second (or maybe 15) as he stared at the desperate Skink at his mercy. But then the crowd rose again, and only those closest to Royce heard as he said, “Such a shame..” Before tightening his grip fully to the sound of a loud crunch and an uproarious applause from the human fans which was met with total silence from the InGen supporters.

The game ended 5-2 to Los Pumas, a welcome return to form for the previous champions. As the Lizards left the pitch it was clear to see that none of his team mates would talk to Conqaxl, even the humans refused to shake his hand. The fans quietly booed him as he left the arena and a few days after the match InGen Apocalypse officially released a statement regarding the incident:

“To all our fans and investors.
We have recently lost one of our finest star players. After studying footage of the match, coach Wyatt has concluded that the death of Gwen was due in part to the cowardly actions of Conqaxl, namely his failure to lend an assist against Royce Gracie. Conqaxl is hereby on a warning, he has lost all media privileges and will no longer be an InGen brand representative. Instead the work he had been undertaking to reach out to the fans will be passed on to Chameleon, who is the only Skink to have played with InGen since our first ever MML game.”


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