Cowboys Get Krissed Off



At the Mansion it wasn’t a happy place at all, the Plague Ridden Cowboys Coming to terms with a slow start to the season and now there favourite thing to listen to the podcast had been banned until they won a game. Bernie had gone full Bernie and let them know about it, the start to the season just wasn’t good enough. Against the BCPH they took a punch just as good as the Hornets the HORNETS shouted Bernie. Before that they was suckered into two one turn touchdowns even though breaking records on possession and now they stood after two games with just one point. Things had to change Bernie played them the clip everyday with Balwen coach of the disco divas telling them the cowboys will finish bottom that only stopped when Mad Frankie Fraser ripped It to shreds. Bernie then went with what some would call a low blow he gave them every issue of Kris Terds work and told them to read them all. This was too much for some of them and they started puking all over the place even Closeness the strength 5 Nurgle warrior who always has a smile on his face couldn’t hack it and wept in the corner while puking his guts up. The Beast Of Nurgle died while reading them but luckily regenned,.

The next day Bernie saw a new intensity in the cowboys they looked ready for there next opponent the Gingerbread Boys another tough opponent but a game they couldn’t afford to lose, if they lost this one then maybe just maybe the cowboys could be dragged into a relegation scrap and the play offs will be gone for another season after week three.  Luckily two pieces had passed there guard training what could only help the team going forward. Steve Michaels had gone threw claw drills with the four Cowboys what possessed them and also new piling on techniques with Dr Death and Mad Frankie Fraser.

There was just one more thing to do, to make sure the guys where ready to smash and grind the Gingerbread Boys,  LISTEN UP bellowed Bernie, Jhall the coach of the Gingerbread boys says you guys cannot catch them, they are to fast to strong and they are going to whoop our butts on the scoreboard,  they even made a poster about it. Bernie pinned up the poster and left the room the Cowboys went crazy as they left the room Steve Michaels turned to Bernie and said did Jhall say that? Bernie looked at Michaels and said does it matter they smiled and started walking to the media room there was some podcasts to listen to.



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