Cróga Cannons for the World Cup!

In the land of Cróga, are a breed of humans unlike most seen around the known world. They work harder, look better, are more skilled and in general a class above most of the other known humans. That being the case that when the talk of a World Cup Blood Bowl tournament came around, Laird Groff Grimbeard proudly signed an invite to say he would be taking a team to this tournament to represent men properly.

No one else thought about it, no one even gave it a chance but why? Why couldn’t a human team be formed that could break the “masters at none” mould and actually become a World Cup winning Blood Bowl Team. Coach Grimbeard thought about it, man he even dreamed it, Indeed he wasn’t the best coach but that didn’t matter….nuffle loves the lost cause, the coaches with the will to leave it all on the field and hell who wants to watch elves and rats compete all day anyway?

So he took to the streets of Nevis and assembled the most stern bunch of human bowl players and registered his Cannons.

We weren’t going to set the world on fire, he thought but we sure as hell were going to have fun or die trying to win this thing!!!!

(Story written by and published on behalf of Grimbeard (Just_Stevie)

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