DaltMc Tells All as Mauz Push for Playoff Berth

Earlier in the season there was quite the drama involving Mauz and their financial situation. As the media tends to do (We are quite guilty of it ourselves here at “Mauz Tribune”) the whole story was blown out of proportion. The truth of the matter is that Johnny Malice and Mauz were given the opportunity to fund a farm affiliate team under the name of Disciples of Osiris. The logistics of the deal are not fully public but rumors have said that anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of this farm team’s profits directly fund Mauz. Which would explain how they were able to afford a Storm Vermin and a Gutter Runner from minor league affiliate The Greenbriar Pack Rats (also owned by Malice) despite “having no money in the treasury.”

On a brighter note, Mauz has indeed played much better ever since the Malice fiasco not losing a game since. The Skaven squad will make it into bowl contention with a win in this final week of the season. Coach DaltMc was available for questions today and as always he was a joy to chat with!

-Transcript of Today’s Interview Below-

MT: So coach, can you give us a little insight on the whole Malice fiasco?

Dalt: Of course! The administration has given me free reign to talk about the whole situation, so I will try and inform you as much as possible. As you all know, Johnny Malice is the owner of Mauz, the Packrats, and now Disciples of Osiris. He is a good friend of mine that I have known for a long time. He was approached by Osiris, the Kroxigor that has gotten quite a bit of media attention. He’s the leader of a, well I’ll call it what it is, a cult that happens to be a Blood Bowl team. For a big guy he’s very charismatic and has convinced all of his players that he and all of them are the Egyptian gods. Seeing as they all believe that they are gods, they do not fear death which I believe gives them an edge on the pitch.

Anyways, he approached Malice needing advice and of course funding. Being the premier league for Blood Bowl action he of course wanted his team in the MML. So Malice came to me. As Minister of Inner League Farms I welcomed the cult with open arms as I would love to see them in MML pro action one day. Yes, Mauz funds were used in supporting the Lizard team I will be open about that. I agree that it was risky, but I had the support of the owner as well as an ironclad contract that guarantees as long as they remain a team, a percentage of all gold Osiris’ team earns goes straight into Mauz coffers. This contract also awards me ownership of 25% of both teams so I think you can all see why I would take the deal, as I doubled the Mauz gold spent in 3 games. This profit has paid off greatly for our rats, we were able to buy Clay Moustthews our newest Storm Vermin as well as Derrat Henry our newest Gutter Runner. Even coming from our affiliate these are high dollar players and they wouldn’t be on the team if it wasn’t for Osiris and his crew.

MT: Many have said that this whole fiasco was just a publicity stunt, that Mauz was never broke, that it was only a ruse in order to get the Mauz Militia to donate more gold to the team, others have said it was to scare players. Can you elaborate on the situation a little?

DaltMc: As you and I both know the media tends to blow things out of proportion, especially here in the beautiful sport of Blood Bowl. The truths that I can give you is yes, Mauz was in fact broke for two weeks, I elected not to receive a pay check those two weeks so my players got paid.

Yes it was an attempt to scare players. Everyone from towel boy to owners know that an owner can only have one team in MML pro action, so players to tend to get a bit nervous when a new affiliate pops up. I myself wasn’t too nervous as my contract states as long as Malice owns the team in pro contention, I’m the coach. Back to scaring players though, you saw how they were playing out there before Osiris came along? Now look at them, they haven’t lost a game since! Mauz is still the only team to score on The Innsmouth Deep Ones and they did it TWICE!.

As for it being a ruse to sucker the Mauz Militia that can’t be further from the truth! We here in the Mauz organization care about the fans first and foremost and would never do anything to mislead or bamboozle our fans. To the Mauz Militia we do appreciate all the love, support, and donations. With your contributions all of our players were able to receive a nice little raise and upgrades will be made to Camp Brandy before the end of season 4.

MT: With a win being the only way for Mauz to reach a bowl in this final week, what are your plans to do so and are your boys excited?

DaltMc: I’m sorry!? But are my boys excited!? What kind of question is that!? This is the “Mauz Tribune” is it not!? Then you should know that Mauz is always excited! Those boys get out there, play their hearts out, and put their feeble rat lives on the line all for this glorious sport! The players of Mauz live to play Blood Bowl so that’s a question you don’t even have to ask!

As for what we plan to do to win. I can’t really say too much as we have a plan and we don’t want the gladiators to even have an idea of what it is. They beat us 1-0 last year but that’s going to be a very different result this year. All the critics are in our favor in this game but we don’t let that get to our heads, the team doesn’t even pay attention to the media until after they game because they don’t care. These boys are determined, in fact this is the most focused I’ve saw all of these lads and I’m proud. They’re going to go out there and do what they do best and that’s play Blood Bowl. You’ll see us in a bowl, you’ll see us win that bowl, and you’ll see us finish in the top 10 this season. This is a team that’s becoming a major threat in the MML and the performance you’re going to see in their next two games is the same performance you will see all of season 3 out of these boys. Mark. My. Words.